Heuristika is the label of the German SAP® developer Ralf Wenzel.

Ralf Wenzel, Founder

Ralf Wenzel

The founder of Heuristika, Ralf Wenzel, began to work as an SAP® developer in 1998. Now, more than 20 years later, he is looking back to a large number of SAP®-related projects; most of them implementation projects, but also core development projects (i.e. Add On Development für SAP® Third Party Applications).

FI, CO, and a strong focus to the logistic modules as well as many SAPscript® / Smartforms® / PDF Forms® developments have been the core competence in this years, consisting in the hard project business.

Software Development in SAP® is more than the bricolage, most developers leave at their customers. For Heuristika, design patterns, layer-oriented development and abstraction are not words from another planet, but tools and methods, used day by day. We describe ourselves as „software engineers“ so all work we do, is related to a engineers level.

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