On the one hand, Heuristika is new. On the other Hand, it’s not. Heuristika is the new label of the German SAP® developer Ralf Wenzel (get English CV here) and his future team. We are beginning with a powerful back office with the target of expansion. Expansion in people as well as expansion in Topics. So feel free to get a picture of the fast growing company Heuristika by reading this page, containing an abstract of what we are doing and planning.

  • SAP Application Development

Ralf Wenzel, Founder

Ralf Wenzel

The founder of Heuristika, Ralf Wenzel, began to work as an SAP® developer in 1998. Now, more than ten years later, he can look back to a large number of SAP®-related projects; mostly implementation projects (with a strong focus on “SAP® in the Public Sector”), but also core development projects (i.e. a publishing company with a self-developed solution to get the publishing-related workflows into SAP®) .

FI, CO, and a strong focus to the logistic modules as well as many SAPscript® developments have been the core competence in this years, consisting in the hard project business. Still developing in SAP, it’s time get a wider view of the IT business.

In the last few years we noticed, that customers not only request application development itself, but particularly the installation of developing departments and the definition of developing processes.

  • Privacy consulting

A person who is involved in SAP® projects, can not avoid to be faced with the needs of data protection; i.e. while improving and developing the reporting applications.
Caused by several data protection needs, Ralf Wenzel decided to become a data protection expert as well. Therefore Heuristika is prepared to include data protection related questions in SAP® development projects, as well as in core data protection consulting projects, i.e. creating policies, training the employees as well as performing periodical audits. The German legal basis is called “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)” kind of “Federal Data Protection Act”. It obligates a huge of German companies to save personal data and to keep them secret.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud Computing is the 21st century way of using computers. Instead of installing, maintaining, updating and configuring hard- and software we will lease all the features we need from the cloud. Services like most of us using E-Mail: Externally hosted by professionals behind strong firewalls, located in bunkers behind thick plated doors, safe from data thiefs, floods and seisms – and all you need is a web browser; i.e. the one in your Smartphone.

Zero administration and safe computing everywhere is the main topic of future computing. All your data in your pocket. Not only E-Mails, but your contacts, your appointments, your company data like projects, leads and opportunities.

  • General IT consulting

A founder of a new business is overwhelmed with work, has many tasks and problems to manage – and he has to do this with a very small budget. Decreasing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) begins with an individual concept that fits perfectly to the special usecase. Heuristika, a little company itself, is your tutor to get the competence and knowledge to avoid typical beginner’s mistakes. Participate in our experience, we gained in many IT related projects with many customers.

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